Behind the scenes with ME to WE

Aimee Song: Fashion blogger, style icon and world-changer. Shop the Journey Collection

Over 10 years ago, Aimee Song began a new journey with her fashion blog Song of Style. Little did she anticipate that with her incredible eye for fashion and style, her blog’s popularity would skyrocket and launch a new career path. Today, she’s one of the world’s top fashion bloggers and a New York Times bestselling author.

Although she loved the sense of sharing and community, she began to ask herself how she could take it to the next level. Then, PacSun and ME to WE reached out and asked Aimee if she would like to collaborate on a new jewelry line that gives back to developing communities. It was the perfect fit, combining her love of fashion with her desire to find more purpose in her work.

Aimee was excited to begin, but first wanted to experience firsthand the work WE is doing in developing communities. So, she traveled to Kenya on a ME to WE Trip with PacSun to meet some of the incredible people we partner with. She found herself deeply moved by the women who are striving to build a brighter future for their families. Every day, they get up early to go to the women’s empowerment center, where they take business and leadership workshops to gain the skills they need to earn an income and have their voices heard.

It was a life-changing experience and Aimee knew she had found a renewed sense of purpose. Out of this sprung the Journey Collection, three stylish and meaningful bracelets that give back to women in developing communities and empowerment centers, just like the one she visited.

With this collection, you can join Aimee on her journey to do good in the world and discover the meaning in new paths, together.

Embrace the journey and shop the collection. Shop now.